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Rolled fabric roses are all the rage! Make some...and this bracelet. 09.10.2010

Posted 6 years ago in DIY, Jewelry, Thrifty, Fashion, Tutorials

Rolled fabric roses are all the rage these days (all the cool kids are makin' em!). Wanna make some too? I do. Thing is, there is already about a million really great tutorials on how to make these 'lil guys so I didn't want to write about that. Instead, I thought I'd show you how you can use them to make this snazzy bracelet. Yeah? Yeah!

I'm using a small, ugly, metal cuff bracelet that I found at the thrift store for 99 cents, but any ugly cuff bracelet with a smooth surface will work.


  • ugly cuff bracelet
  • ribbon
  • fabric (two different patterns, or more)
  • needle and thread
  • hot glue gun
  • beads or buttons (optional)

What you want to end up with is a bracelet that is wrapped in fabric, lined with ribbon, and adorned with fabric flowers. To make your flowers, follow any of the tutorials that I linked above (I used this one) then come back here and read on! 

To begin, measure around your bracelet and add half an inch. Then measure it's width and add half an inch as well. Now you can cut a strip of fabric based on those measurements to fit around it. My bracelet measured 9 inches all around by 0.5 inches wide, so I cut a strip of fabric that was 9.5 inches long by 1 inch wide. With the hot glue gun ready to go, wrap your strip of fabric around the outside of the bracelet (the right side of the fabric showing). When the ends meet, fold under one side to make a nice seam and then glue it down. Hot glue dries pretty quickly so you won't have to hold it there very long. Try not to burn yourself like I do...always.

The next part is a bit tricky since the fabric might want to slip off the bracelet at first. What you want to do is secure the strip of fabric to the bracelet on the inside. I sewed the fabric to my bracelet, but you can choose to glue yours if you want. If you glue it, just make sure it dries smooth and there are no lumpy glue spots - if there are lumpy glue spots you'll see them showing up through the ribbon - then you'll be sad.

For those who are sewing, thread your needle and knot the ends together. The first few stitches are the most annoying trickiest. Working from the inside of the bracelet,  thread the needle through a flap on one side, then the other side, then through the loop of the thread and pull snug. Now you can just keep weaving from side to side all away around the inside of the bracelet, securing the fabric tightly, until you've reached where you started. The fabric here will be thicker since it's been folded over to form the seam - just sew the sides together neatly then knot off the thread.

At this point you're ready to attach the ribbon to the inside. This is just to give it a finished look and make it prettier! For this step I used E6000 glue, not hot glue, because hot glue likes to dry as little bumps instead of really flat, unless you press it really flat and in that case it'll probably ooze out around the ribbon and burn you plus be really ugly. So, that's why I used the E6000 glue. It takes longer to dry but it works great on fabrics (and other stuffs!). Measure the inside diameter of the bracelet or eyeball it, and cut some ribbon.

What I did was use paper clips to secure the ribbon in place inside the bracelet. To start gluing the ribbon on just take off a couple paperclips one at a time and glue that section, then put them back on and continue around. When you get back to the start, you want to fold over the end of the ribbon, same as before, to give it a nice finished look. Put all the paperclips back on to hold the ribbon in place until the glue is dry.

Time to add the flowers! On my bracelet I decided to use 3 flowers - things always look best in odd numbers don't cha know. Glue 'em wherever you want with hot glue.

Enjoy your one of a kind bracelet. Now you are one of the cool kids.

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